Software & Psychology

Software and psychology – I’m fascinated by both. The interplay between these two is also fascinating. That is what I write about under S&P – see articles under ‘S&P Posts’ in the sidebar.

Psychology is a critical component in software development- any product development for that matter. It is the soft ware of the software development. The success of a software depends largely on those involved. From product owner to designer to developers and customers- software is all about the people – for the people and by the people. And psychology is front and center there.

I’d argue that the team member’s memes and their mental models, their willingness, their openness, the dynamics between members of a group, the dynamics between various groups all directly contribute to the success or failure of a software. There are likely to be more repercussions as a result. This reminds me of conway’s law.

I write to understand. With your thoughts and comments, I could learn more and perhaps question my memes and mental models. After all, like any good software, we are continuously evolving and are never really done.