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Just miles away, yet worlds apart

What’s the big deal about surviving the suburbs? After all, millions of people have been doing it all these years. True. But this is the first time I’m experiencing the suburban life.

While I wasn’t brought up in ultra modern cosmopolitan capital of the world, I have spent over a third of my life up until now in the cities. I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that most people spend all their lives within 20 miles of their birth place. Though this has been true for me until high school, excluding tourism, I have since then moved across continents and have lived in western cities such as London and New York City.

I’ve recently started getting the taste of suburban life and started noticing some of the things we (and I) took for granted as a directly result of living in an metropolitan area. I am sharing here my experiences of such sharp contrast and the lifestyle changes that I had to make to adapt to the new normal. Just miles away, yet worlds apart. Will I survive? I ponder. And for how long?

You may not find any survival tips- at least it’s not in my current agenda. But if you have never experienced the suburban life, you might find this interesting.  I hope.



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